Spinoza once wrote “A body affects other bodies or be affected by other body; It is in this capacity for affecting and being affected that also defines a body in its individuality”. My work explores the body within the same affective process, in which the relationship between bodies and bodies is constantly becoming: to be close or distant, to be temporal or lasting, to adore or detest. It is these binaries that establishes the relationship of body within body and body to body, which defines the self within the social, and the social to the self.

I often pair a bodily reference – one that is intimate, soft, feminine  – with materials of hardness, heaviness, and masculinity. Within these contrast, materials forms subject of loss or displacement  by enhancing each others’ opposing qualities and  emphasizing the grief of their spatial togetherness. 

My current research holds together an object as sculpture and an object as performance. My objects rest between performance prop (objects of an designated function) and sculpture (objects of non-function to be defined by their staticness). I intend to force the objects out of an unseen making process – the past – into an action to be experienced in real time– the presence, hence blurring the relationship of  part and whole, process and result, material and dematerialization. I believe it is an act of blurring art and life itself while pertaining  the authenticity of post-modernist making.

Updated 04.01.2018