My practice examines interpersonal, intimate relations between bodies. My projects often contain plurality where an object does not exist alone but always in a physical relationship with one or more other objects. These objects formally contrast or mimic one another to render a dichotomy of belonging and dis-belonging, togetherness and separation, while remaining perpetually codependent, connected.

Fleshy and vulnerable in material, each of the objects acts as surrogate of the body. They also carry implications of particular “functions” that complicate their mutual nearness. This performative quality presents the possibility of stretching and closing the physical distance between them both literally and metaphorically, while suggestions of wearability transfer the relationship between the objects to that of actual bodies that might use them.

In the aporia of this object/body relationship, my work poses distance as a psychological subject where the desired nearness is never fully achieved. My practice reflects the relationship of self and other within a landscape of separation and longing.

Last updated August 2019