Semiotics of Distance

Steal, Aluminum Plate, Silicone and Mixed Media


Two metal stands of different heights ( 5ft and 4ft), each has been attached to a broken piece from one Vietnamese aluminum plate ( mâm). Each piece of the plate does not make whole when put together, but physically connects to each other and the two stands below by a hand-casted, visceral silicone tube of predeterminate length.

No matter which location the two stands are positioned within space they remain a fixed "distance" which is the length of the silicone tube linking them.  Using house-hold object as signifier, the work  is an allegorization about persistent connection when confronting a futile, even repetitive transformation of  proximity and location. The project is also an experiment whereas  sculpture functions not only as an object but also as the dematerialisation – an instigation for an act of happening.  

(Video coming soon)