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An Act of Simultaneous Looking

Silicone, Thermoplastic, Epoxy Resin, Acrylic Paint and Mixed Media


Two flesh-tinted, wearable thermoplastic pipes (3ft long, diameter of 7,5 inches) are attached criss-crossly at 60 degree angle. Two performers wear these "monoculars" on their heads and stand still in space with voice over of them recitation of their one day activities.

The performance requires endurance within confined proximity of the binding object, without  verbal exchange. While simultaneously engaged in the same act of looking, one’s perspective is completely blocked from the other's – who is ironically the “closest” person to them in proximity. The project aims to disturb the line between internal and external, intimacy and distance, as well as the social and personal formed by both performative object and combined act of stillness and repetition.